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1. Products drop the first Monday of the month

The shop reopens on the first Monday of every month. You'll find a new selection of eco-friendly products that have been handpicked and vetted by the Brightly team.

2. You can shop for 7 days before they sell out

After 7 days, we close shop and focus on sustainably shipping out your package. This shorter, planet-friendly shopping window allows us to only order what we need.

3. Your products ship by the end of each month

At the conclusion of our presale, we pack and ship out our products in bulk. This low-impact supply chain reduces waste and keeps the planet happy. Thank you for shopping slow!

Are your shipping materials eco-friendly?

Brightly uses plastic-free or recyclable materials and the majority of our boxes come from an FSC certified supplier. Our tape is cornstarch-based, vegan, and cruelty-free, and our stickers are made with 100% recycled paper that is 100% post-consumer waste. Some of the products we sell may contain minimal plastic components, such as a pump on a beauty item. In those cases, use handy guides like this one that goes over how to recycle beauty items properly.

What is your standard drop shipping policy?

Two-day shipping is so yesterday. When it comes to bettering the planet, shopping slow is the way to go. In order to avoid excess waste and cut down on emissions, products drop on the first Monday of the month, the shop closes after 7 days, and we ship out products in bulk by the end of the month. You can follow along every step of the way with the provided tracking number.

Aside from being more sustainable, it's also more fun. Instead of having a product show up on your doorstep before you even get a chance to get excited, shopping slow lets the anticipation build. It'll be that much more satisfying when your eco goodies arrive! And, Mother Earth will thank you for your patience.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to US addresses including Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories. We do not ship internationally at this time, but would love to expand our international presence soon.

What is your return policy?

Ready to audibly gasp? Returns account for five billion pounds of landfill waste and 15 million tons of carbon emissions every year in the United States. That's why we chose to make a no-return policy cool again: It's one of the best things we can do for the planet.

Part of being a conscious consumer isn't just looking into sustainable options—it's thinking about purchases before you make them. When you're only buying what you need and love, no returns are necessary. And if there's something that doesn't work out (like an eco shampoo not working with your hair type), consider these more eco-friendly ways to let go of your goods.

Will you accept a return if my purchase is defective or damaged?

For any items that arrive damaged or defective, please contact us at

How do I find my tracking number?

Once your eco goodies ship, you'll receive an email with your tracking number. That way, you can follow along every step of the way.

Brightly is Climate Neutral Certified!

Brightly is Climate Neutral Certified. Because we're committed to climate action, we offset our entire carbon footprint, from our operations to shipping to your door. As part of our reduction plan, we're remaining a 100% remote company. The entire Brightly team is all about that #workfromhome life, which keeps our emissions to a minimum. (And, extra bonus, allows us to work alongside our pups!) For a more in-depth explanation of what being Climate Neutral Certified means, click here.

How can I be sure the product I'm buying is sustainable?

Every product has been handpicked and vetted by the Brightly team to ensure it aligns with our values. Only sustainable and ethical items make the cut, all of which have been throughly tested for quality. You can find this information, as well as certifications and end-of-life instructions, on each product page.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Want to get in touch with the Brightly team? Send us an email at We're happy to help answer any questions you have.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, we do! After purchasing, you'll receive a digital gift card in your email. Forward it to your preferred recipient, or print it out and gift it via snail mail or in person.

My gift card isn't working—what do I do?

If your gift card isn't working, contact us at

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