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Brightly Everyday Swaps

Our best home, kitchen, and personal care swaps are now available all month long to make your life easier! From Swedish dishcloths and beeswax wraps to low-waste hair care, this guide will help you navigate all your Brightly-approved must-haves!

A Greener Kitchen

Find eco-friendly kitchen essentials to waste less and save money!


There's no need for plastic bags when you have Food Huggers on hand. The thick and sturdy silicone covers fit produce of all sizes, providing an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh and out of the garbage. (No food waste here!) Use them on lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and more—really anything in your fridge. This comes in a set of 5.
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Eco-Friendly Home
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Give your space some sustainable upgrades that will last longer and are kinder to the planet!

Laundry Overhaul


Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball collects microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way. At the same time, it helps prevent microfibers from breaking off your clothes. Just toss the Cora Ball into your washer and let it work its magic! 

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I thrift the majority of my items so I love that the Cora Ball limits the micro-plastic shed by my clothes!


Reusable Personal Care
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Ditch the disposables! These products are great alternatives to single-use personal care items!

Personal Care

Meet the safety razor that will replace your disposables! With a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades, this razor is just like your average disposable—minus the throw-away culture! Your old razor will look and feel like a toy after switching. Welcome to the last razor you'll ever buy. Includes a 10-blade starter pack.  
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Giftable Essentials
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From the entertainer to the health conscious, here are giftable everyday swaps everyone will love!

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Perfect for busy mornings or life on the go, our exclusive Brightly Brew steeped coffee bags provide a barista-approved cup of joe within minutes. These single-serve coffee bags are completely compostable, allowing you to sip stress-free. Just add 8 ounces of hot water per bag for the tastiest results.

About the Brightly Brew Roast: Smooth and steady, our Organic French Roast blends notes of caramelized sugar and smooth smoke in a silky-bodied, organic, and Fair Trade certified treasure.

Pack of 10 single-serve steeped coffee bags. 

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